Stupid, stupid, stupid

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  1. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    I really expected this series to be funny and interesting; especially with Ada Choi. Damn .. I was so disappointed with the series. I see no humor in this drama at all and frankly find it to be pathetic. Yeah .. someone flying around and no one notices it .. wtf .. even if we use our imagination .. this is just way out there .. anyway, don't waste your time. At least I stopped watching it altogether. I had high expectation for Ada and was so looking forward to this show too .. sigh ..
  2. ray89

    ray89 Well-Known Member

    its just a combination of hancock and stuff put together... i dont kno how u would hav high expectations in the first place. u onli find it stupid cuz things happen soo random and it doesnt make sense to u.

    u hav some low expectations if u expected this series to be realli funni cuz someone is flying around... ur actallly pretty sad to think that way from the begining
  3. intraland

    intraland Well-Known Member

    err i found the first episode was the bomb. but the episodes that followed weren't as interesting. Still I'll continue watching because I've been waiting for over half a year for this!

    I wasn't expecting much from tvb this year... seeing how 2009 was such bad year, there were likely many budget cuts everywhere.
  4. xhikarux

    xhikarux Guest

    they showed us some previews before in 2008/9 ish and i already knew it was stupid, come its modern time, is there such thing as some1 dying and coming back alive as super woman, then go flying around. Get real!
  5. gamer123

    gamer123 Well-Known Member

    the trailer was pathetic enough for me not to start watching this series
  6. xaznxryux

    xaznxryux Well-Known Member

    to be honest, storyline, effects are very stupid

    but I'm giving it a chance because its the first time HK made a superhero series. I mean the part how Ada got her powers were stupid and random, its not like the American superheroes

    The effects on the other hand was really really bad, especially when she lands after flying, you can tell they are CGIs considering it seems like they put her body in the scene

    but Im still going to give this series a chance

    btw off topic: Queenie Chu is mad hot in this series =D
  7. KaY_xD

    KaY_xD 但願人長久,千里共嬋娟

    i was looking forward to this series since filming!! tvb doing a superwoman hero's gonna be interesting, but yeah quite disappointed, i like the concept of bring up chung lui, weird powers, i think its the action/effects n' editting that disappointed me XD kissing manly men then get power? that point wasn't obvious enough and it is really a lil 'stupid', using that as the reason why people get super powers. im still gonna watch it, for a laugh lol, at least way much more interesting than suspects in love---it's way too boring

    oh and a different style of opening like usual dramas, interesting
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  8. negiqboyz

    negiqboyz Well-Known Member

    well .. i saw the preview way back in 2008 and thought it was a mixed between historical and modern storyline (thus, the flying and all) .. certainly not what i had expected it. also, i had high expectation on ada choi. she's a high caliber actress so i assumed that she would pick a good decent script; not trash. again, i am shock that she would stoop so low for money.
  9. lol the trailer looked really cheesy i didnt give it a chance yet-lol
  10. lovetvb

    lovetvb Well-Known Member

    I don't know...I felt like i'm being a kid again...
  11. 3liminator

    3liminator Well-Known Member

    at least its better than suspects in love
  12. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    i don't have the time to watch episode 2 and 3 yet.. still on episode 1.. but episode 1 wasn't that great.
  13. EvilTofu

    EvilTofu 吃|✿|0(。◕‿◕。)0|✿|吃

    I excepted it to be a cheesy series since the preview and after watching it, it's worst than I thought.
  14. van22

    van22 Well-Known Member

    Suspect in love= retard, and this series is retard and stupid!
  15. ab289

    ab289 Well-Known Member

    so what's new???

    i have stopped watching HK series for ... can't even remember which was the last series. find it to be boring and no substantial storyline. just a few fools running around trying to make a buck or two.
  16. ftann

    ftann Well-Known Member

    The storyline doesn't make much sense. The acting talent is definitely there, but not so much for the story. I don't think TVB's changed, I just think the audience's taste has changed. So TVB needs to keep up with the audience or else they're going to lose market share which they've already started.
  17. unkn0wn4life

    unkn0wn4life Active Member

    Lol, this series is a bit confusing....and I hate the commentary or whatever it is.
  18. bvballer

    bvballer Well-Known Member

    i still dont know what the heck the storyline is about..... confuse
  19. silentjess

    silentjess Well-Known Member

    i so totally agree that this is better than Suspects in Love!! hahaha!

    i think we should give this series a few episodes to become more exciting. its really out of the normal family, love drama that TVB do. this one new fresh, i think i'll support it although right now storyline is slow. i am sure they got something exciting for us in store!
  20. transition

    transition Well-Known Member

    i jst saw the preview for this series at the end of the fistful of stance and the topic title described my first impressions exactly