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    1. a 21 year old male weighing 185 pounds is planning to run a four hour marathon in a week. help him plant what to eat before the race, including the day before and then the day of the race. waht can he drink during the race?

    2. a 225 pund football player needs an estimated 3500 kcalories per day. reccomend the grams of carbohydrate, protein, and fat he needs to eat in a days time. how much carbohydrate should he eat in the pregame meal? list specific foods to meet this recommendation.

    3. a 15 year old female swimmer has had two menstrual cycles in the past 18 months, has complained of being tired, and continous to lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds per week. she practices at least 1 to 2 hours a day. what health concerns should be consindered to help her to return to her peak performance and prevent anorexia?

    thank you
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    i really want to help u but im on my 4 month summer lol
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    these kinda questions need to be answered by a nutritionist or dietitian...
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    lol yer, this stuff is too hard for students :p, looks like u need to read more cook books or somehting :p
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    drink water n eat banana !
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    He should pretty much starve himself 4-7days prior to the marathon to deplete the glycogen fuel stores in his body. Then 0-3 days before the marathon he should carbo-load, i.e. eat foods with lots of carbohydrates like pasta to double his glycogen stores. During the race he should drink a sugary non-carbonated drink like your regular sports drinks, which enable enhanced rehydration and provides sugars to his body without acidifying his blood and his muscles.

    This is from a student biochemist's point of view, you should really consult dietitians, nutritionists and/or personal trainers and google some for a better answer.