Stephen Chow may return to acting again?

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  1. Stephen Chow got fans excited when he gave a tiny glimmer of hope that he will make his acting comeback.

    On 1 January, the filmmaker posted an image from his old movie, "God of Cookery" to wish everybody a Happy New Year's Day, and wrote, "In the New Year, if you have any wishes, share them!"

    Many then took to the comments to express their ultimate wish - that is for the comedy auteur to make his onscreen comeback. This include Taiwanese actor Chen Han-Dian, who wrote, "I want to see Master Sing act again."

    After such a great response from many, Stephen responded under Chen's comment, saying, "Since you are so supportive, I will think about it."

    It is noted that Stephen's last appearance on the big screen was in 2008's "CJ7". He went on directing several other movies afterwards, including "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons" and "The Mermaid", though he did not make even a cameo appearance in any of the movies.

    On the other hand, good friend Tin Kai Man gave his full support for Stephen if the former king of comedy wants to return to acting, saying that he believes that Stephen will one day return.

    "I know he loves acting, but he hopes to break away from any of his classic roles," he added.

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    If so, definitely looking forward to see the new acting style of Stephen chow
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