Stephen Chow beard turned white, hasn't aged well

Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by charlestsy, May 28, 2018.

By charlestsy on May 28, 2018 at 4:21 PM
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    A few days ago, the president of the mainland mobile phone company posted on Weibo a photo taken with Stephen Chow, saying that he did not know if the brand had to cooperate with Stephen Chow? Stars are still drying out to try new products, praise him for scientific literacy is very good, many problems are extremely deep.

    The 55-year-old star wears a hat, but her hair and beard are grayed out. Some netizens said that they are "old and distressed." But there are also Internet users who support that "Chen Xingchi is always in my heart like a movie." Star Master and Tony Leung were both born in 1962, and it is natural for netizens to compare the two. However, Xing Ye has retired behind the scenes in recent years. All of them have appeared as directors, producers, and Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Before that, he did not hide one and His shoulders were white-haired, but this time he stayed and was emaciated. He was even younger. Some netizens felt that he was now like a 70-year-old man.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by charlestsy, May 28, 2018.

    1. Fa la

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      He is another hong kong legend film star, so far no body can match his comedy movie. will love his movie for a very long time. occasionally still flip back my movie box to watch the comedy movie and drama.
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    2. ab289

      ab289 Well-Known Member

      Why is 55 years old and gray hair not aging well? I thought that's expected.
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    3. ailyeric

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      He had too much Lawrence Ng in Sex and Zen lol
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    4. mytlcs

      mytlcs Well-Known Member

      the guy is not bumming around, guys constantly stress....

      stress as in always thinking of ideas, creating new ideas to make lifelong enjoyments for you to fork out your money.

      alot of smart asses grow white hair alot faster. think of going turbo on your car all the time... your brake pads need to be replaced alot faster don't u think?

      i don't think sex will give u white hair faster.
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    5. crasianlee

      crasianlee Well-Known Member

      Article from mainland china is why....They're always so dang hypocritical....They're just jelly that none can come up with great ideas like Stephen has in movies...Is why they're taking away all the HK talent with their blood money...
    6. ailyeric

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      just check the history of actresses he nailed over the years and your opinion will be different lol
    7. KilaKilaGirl

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      ^ I am not sure about that. He is single for a reason because he lost interests in women ever since the break up with athena chu.
    8. mytlcs

      mytlcs Well-Known Member

      this is life, so sex away...

      i guess the kitty really dig older man.
      too much sex is when hes having trouble walking on his two feets. lol

      hes a smart man. sex away and never getting married.

      hes set for life to sex till the end of life.

      Theres not much movies being created compared to the past. Is it more expensive to produce one now.
      or is it that as these people age, are they being held back to produce something with quality instead of quantity.
    9. sex to him is not a big problem, he sure can handle it. grey hair and beard comes from to much thinking. no much of time to enjoy life. all is happening in a very fast pace. He wanted to find more money than Jacky and Andy. No hold bar.
    10. Espresso

      Espresso Well-Known Member

      yeah dont even bother using them as source
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    11. Marshmallow_Boy

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      That's why I have a lot grey hair.
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