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    TVB and bad writing seems an inseparable pair.

    Since Mandy got slapped by her husband a few eps back, she's been more or less subdued and less aggressive in terms of taking over. Ep 26 shows her making a move for the apartment which Michael essentially paid for. We all know that she's going to be the bitch and throw the others out once she's on the deed. So how should her husband respond? I wouldn't be surprised if she shoved grandma down the stairs to kill her just to take over the apartment, LOL...

    Frankly, TVB scripts have people within their stories become so inanely stupid that it is irritating. We all know that in real life, nobody would ever do such idiotic things, especially if given such past experience with Mandy. But... in a TVB script, the good people always are trusting to a fault, even when dealing with their worst enemies. They will always do shit so dumb that it is seriously implausible. This is a real reason why TVB has to get new writers.
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    despite all that, episode 28 is gonna be a tragic one.
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    I felt it coming with the last 5 scenes before the final scene happened.
  4. i knew something bad going to happen but not her dying -_- she was wayyyyyy too happy to just go "by fut"
    more linda crying come up!>_<
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    TVB was notorious for having good endings, but within the past few years, they try so hard to shift the ending to gain media and attention. I understand what you're saying. They make some ridiculous 180 at the end of the series and leave room to talk. Seriously, plots would be better if they ended well, for the sake of everyone.
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    knew it was gonna happen once it was too good to be true and it gets all quiet lol... they tried to show that anyone can die at anytime but it failed cause they shot a scene where she was alone and silent that gave it all away. Also another fuck up is ron thinking linda did it for him again wtf is this shit. bitch betrayed you and linda once thinking again the only reason she slept with michael is because of ron but the previous episodes didnt she admit that she fell for him? The mom telling her he was a pool float not a valid explanation...they really messed up her character and the story its really confusing now. Also sonja kwok going back to michael miu :facepalm: tvb never fails to disappoint towards a series ending.
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    totally agreed! not waiting much from the ending, can't be good since the characters are already messed up. I actually start to feel sorry for michael tse character... ka lok is a mess