[SPOILER ALERT] Episode 18

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    ^thought i was the only one that think that way...
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    Totally agree with you! Don't blame others for what you did. Like Ron said 'the guy didn't point a gun to your head to sleep with him'. Michael did the opposite and said no repayment is necessary he kept it a secret that he helped her even. Don't feel sorry for Linda at all. She should take the consequences of her actions. Her character needs to grow up! and don't twist things around by telling your family that you did it for repayment. What a load of B*S*. Wasn't like she gave her his virginity anyway.
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    maybe its because she has been too spoiled before and never actually faced any problems. She never seem to know what she's doing. 2nd time she slept with gao wang tsim, she ended up petrified again ??!?!?! what is this ??? I thought she doesn't want to ruin someone's family, but yet she does it again for the joy of hating herself ? She's very sinful ...