[SPOILER ALERT] Episode 15!

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  1. kevin

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    Wow this episode is well good!!

    First, Him's feelings got touched by Yoyo, but I doubt such thing would occur in reality lol. This is mainly due to the fact that the trait carried out by Yoyo (in the series) barely exist in this world, if not extincted. In other words they are not that open.

    Secondly, Michael helped out Linda (including Ron) and Linda got told the 'secrets' of Michael. That is, Michael has been throwing big sums of money to help solve her problems.

    It was funny when the line manager told Linda to go into the office because I thought he had feelings or wanted to have feelings with her LOL, turns out I was wrong >.<
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    ^lol, wtf....
  3. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Oh also, I just knew the deal (the house) was too good to be true and guess what?!?! They got bumped!


    just finished watching the episode and wow, this is just speechless! I just know Michael didn't get involved but how did he get away with the KO pronounciation with GAO. Isn't the latter mandarin spelling lol.

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    laugin gor in for the kill!

    him was so virgin like-emb
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    why would u turn down a girl like yoyo anyways
  6. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    ^guess he was just trying to be innocent or hard to get (which only girls would do, btw).......
  7. KT

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    ehhehehehehe, so cute.
  8. kevin

    kevin RAWR!

    Just want to add that, what I meant there was how did Michael know she was talking about the surname and not the forename o_0 (something for you to think about)
  9. [N]

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    that last segment was a poorly done plot device it was a mess...how the fuck did she end up in the executive office in the end? lol and that tv always on? also that house thing lol didnt they sign with an agent present? who the fuck gets cheated out of 2 million like that anymore. also the brother going to jail thing was soo rushed all of a sudden it was solved 400k gone everyone happy lol. this series was good but typical tvb nonsense can ruin this ish.
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    Shes kinda cute...
    I wish I have a girl to manage my money for me so I dont have to spend it all, ALL the time.. haha