Sisley Choi laughs off Dickson Yu's latest romance rumours

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    TVB actress Sisley Choi couldn't help but laugh when asked to comment on the rumours of romance between Dickson Yu and Chrissie Chau.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who was spotted at Whitney Hui's wedding banquet as part of the bride's entourage, stated that she knew nothing about the actor's new romance rumours as she has been busy focusing on work.

    "But I did remember his birthday on 2 September, so I sent him a message wishing him good health and happiness," she said.

    Asked if she is jealous of Dickson's new rumoured girlfriend, Sisley only responded, "I'm afraid that he is mad that I didn't have time to meet him because I am filming my new drama right now."

    As to whether she has no issue celebrating the actor's birthday with Chrissie, Sisley laughed and said, "Please let me go. Today's a happy day for Whitney."

    Although Sisley has been romantically linked to several actors before, the actress' relationship with Dickson attracted the most attention due to their close friendship. The actress even rushed to the hospital to see Dickson when the actor was in a coma last year.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Sep 7, 2019.