Sire Ma as Siu Kiu

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    couldn't resist making one about her

    I think this is her first major role in TVB. I first noticed her when she was in OL Supreme, thought she was cute with a thick accent. In this series I thought she improved a bit.

    However, I swear she was raped or sexually harassed at least 3 times through the course of 16 episodes
  2. kevin

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    I would say it's Michael's assistant who raped her because of her rejection during that festival. She almost got raped but Michael saved her from being raped/harassed by one of those people (army).
  3. oh wow.. I can't believe what she did in the end! too bad her acting was hella bad and I could not feel any emotions for her..
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    i LOLed when she died, the fact that she was being buried in a big pile of rocks and still was able to yell like a man "RUN", made me laugh. Im pretty sure if you are being buried in that many rocks, you won't even have enough strength to talk let alone yell
  5. lol that's Sire for ya.. her dying breathe was to wish Michael and Elanne be happy..
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    AS much as i support her, her acting before her death was indeed bad. But again, she's still new.