Show Luo Assists Charity for People with Vision Disability

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    Show Luo (Xiao Zhu), became the spokesperson for Love Blind Charity(愛盲公益) last year, This year, he is asked to become the leader of “Love Blind Promise Career Starter Class.” Yesterday, when he went to the promotional event, he said that he often travels around Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, knowing that the economy is not good; the whole world is affected. People without vision disability is having a difficult time finding a job, let alone people with vision disability. Therefore, Love Blind wants to use the influence of Show to call out to all large retailers to have a change donation box in their store; gathering everyone’s power to help people with vision disability find a career.

    Show says, “Sometimes I see people dropping change everywhere but no one picks it up. As these change accumulate, it becomes a big deal. I wish that when everyone pays at the cashier that they don’t have to put the coins in their wallets in a rush, but rather put them in the donation box. This can help people with vision disability develop an opportunity for a career.” The charity item he helped design, “Love Show Handy Cup,” will start selling on August 10th.

    Show, who always love getting massages, received a massage from a professional massager who has vision disability right now stage. All his stress from work was massage away, causing him to give a big thumbs up for the massagers ability. Even though Judge Shi Xian concluded that people without vision disability can enter the massage work field, reducing the opportunity for people with vision disability, but he thinks that the quality of massagers with vision disability is guaranteed because everyone one of them has a massager certificate, and the massaging class in Love Blind pays equal attention to the technique and academics of the body figure. “Believing in profession, helping people with less power” is the commitment he held since he became the Love Blind spokesperson for two years.


    Source: Sing Pao
    Translated by endlessjoy @
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