Shirley Yeung Spotted with New Boyfriend?

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    Since leaving TVB last year, Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) has split her time between Hong Kong and Mainland China in order to support her daughter, three-year-old Krystal. While Shirley professed that her busy schedule may it difficult to date, she was recently spotted with a mysterious wealthy Mainland businessman.

    Shirley became a single mother after her short-lived relationship with ex-Olympic diver Andy Ng (吳帥) ended in 2012. Tabloids claimed that Andy was straddled with debt and also engaged to another woman at the time. After calling off their relationship, Shirley flew to Los Angeles to give birth out of the media’s limelight.

    Despite the hiccups in her romantic life, Shirley previously expressed her desire to meet a dependable partner. The 37-year-old actress was recently spotted meeting with a Mainland businessman. Along with her chauffeur, Shirley was seen picking up the mysterious man in her silver van. Shortly after boarding the van, the man noticed reporters and quickly covered his face before photos could be snapped. Reacting quickly. Shirley also immediately moved and hid in the backseat of the van. Only partially hidden, Shirley’s black jacket was visible in the press photos.

    With reporters following Shirley’s car, she had no choice but to end their meeting early. After dropping off the man at his luxury apartment, Shirley continued to pretend she was not in the car as the chauffeur back to her residence in the evening.

    In a later phone interview, Shirley claimed that she is only friends with the man in her car. Shirley further expressed that she has no time to date. “My head is spinning from working. Even if I had time, I’d rather be taking care of my daughter. I don’t have time to date.” When probed about whether she has any pursuers at the moment, Shirley indirectly admitted, “They aren’t quite suitable for me.”

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Sep 12, 2015.