Shin Jung Hwan and Girlfriend Splits After Intense Netizen Scrutiny

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    Shin Jung Hwan expressed with regrets, “I have splitted with my (now former) girlfriend recently with whom I had dated with marriage in my mind.”

    That was what Shin Jung Hwan said in an interview conducted with IS on the 20th. Some netizens had gone to great lengths to dig up information about Shin Jung Hwan’s girlfriend. Her photos, her Cyworld address, her family background, etc were all dug up and posted online in a very detailed manner. That become a great burden which not only affected her but also her family members.

    Shin Jung Hwan’s girlfriend is currently in her second year of study in an unnamed university majoring in design. She is estimated to be either 21 or 22 years old and about 14 - 16 years younger than Shin Jung Hwan. They had been dating for 2 years so Uncle Shin is pretty unfortunate here!

    Shin Jung Hwan expressed with regards to this, “There’s a reason why we as artistes need to have/keep our own life private, away from the public eye. Netizens started bashing my girlfriend on her Cyworld after it was made public. Others who somehow manage to get hold of her number, even called her up to harass and scold her. It’s too difficult a burden for her to take as a normal person and she started to have misgivings about my job as an artiste.


    After several discussions with his girlfriend who had been leading a normal life as a university student before knowing him, they decided to split up. She couldn’t take all the malicious attacks that came with dating an artiste.

    When Shin Jung Hwan suffered multiple injuries injuries after falling off his bicycle while trying to avoid an incoming vehicle in July, the sight of his girlfriend in hospital looking after him became a big topic then when it was made known. Shin Jung Hwan subsequently admitted during a tv program recording, “I have a girlfriend now”. That proved to be a wrong move as netizens swiftly acted by digging out everything regarding his girlfriend causing him agony.

    In a Ya Shim Man Man recording which will be shown on the 24th, Shin Jung Hwan talked about the difficulties that artistes have had to face, in particularly with love. He expressed, “If you meet a woman who doesn’t understand your life as an artiste, the result would be…”, showing his regrets at how things have turned out and the harsh reality that an artiste will face in their life.

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    >__< I didn't even know he had a girl. It's unfortunate to hear the news that he had broken up with her. She was very pretty