Shiga Lin 連詩雅 - One Year Older 大了一歲 (2015)

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    A year after the well-received Once Said, Shiga Lin returns with a new release in the aptly-titled One Year Older! The release features the hit singles "Eve of Romance," "Why Did I Have to Fall in Love with You" and "I'll Wait until Sunday to Call You."

    Product Title: One Year Older 大了一歲
    Singer Name: Shiga Lin 連詩雅
    Release Date: 2015-09-04
    Language: Cantonese
    Publisher: Warner Music Hong Kong
    01. 水星逆行
    02. 浪漫前夕
    03. 為何要我愛上你
    04. 等到Sunday就Call你
    05. 大了一歲
    06. 乖乖聽話
  2. some upbeat songs I like! support!
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    I like the songs to this album...
  4. i like shiga~!! :wub: