Sheren Tang Returns for Rosy Business 4?

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    TVB's classic "Rosy Business" franchise will be filming a fourth installment in March. This time, the male and female leads are Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang!

    Sheren is filming another TVB series again. It is known that, apart from this series being a fairly huge production, TVB executive Felix To also personally gave an invite so that the classic from back then can appear again! This time, "Rosy" is filming its fourth installment. TVB will be collaborating with a Mainland company and is considered a large-scale co-production. It is expected to start filming in March to May of next year. The story is set in the early Republic of China and is a brand new story. In order to have beautiful scenes for the shoot, TVB will also be sending a big team to Mainland to work; of course, it depends on the development of the pandemic. As for the other cast members, it is still under discussion. The initial candidates are Rebecca Zhu, Gabriel Harrison, and Pinky Cheung, but everyone has not received any notice for the time being. Everything will not be finalized until after a meeting and discussion.

    Having a big chance of collaborating with the two good actors Wayne and Sheren, Rebecca laughingly said, "Although an official notice has not been received, there has been a lot of people passing this news to me. Already very excited to just hear about it...very happy!" As for this series' producer, Fong Chun Chiu, he admitted that he has plans to look for Sheren to come back, but it is still presently in the preliminary stages and has not been decided yet.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Nov 22, 2020.