Sharon Chan Makes Comeback with New Show

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    "The Queen of Legs" Sharon Chan (陳敏之) was originally scheduled to participate in the new "Flying Tiger 3"-《飛虎3之壯志英雄》 drama co-produced by Shaw Brothers and Youku, and had also attended the opening ceremony, playing the role of SDU Superintendent Eddie Cheung's (張兆輝) wife. However, netizens discovered an old Instagram post which was interpreted as Sharon showing support for the Hong Kong Independence protests. To avoid causing an uproar, TVB immediately replaced her with Alice Chan (陳煒) .

    In response to this decision, Sharon explained that due to the ever-changing pandemic situation and her son being at home, she thought it best to resign from the role. She thanked the company for their understanding, but did not address other matters.

    Two months after the incident, TVB deemed the situation had died down enough and thus Sharon will be able to participate in a new program "A Guest Tonight"-《今晚請客》in November, she will be co-hosting with Chris Lai (黎諾懿). In the show she will be cooking some simple dishes that children will like, and cook together with Chris showing off her knife skills! In an interview, Sharon revealed that she was looking forward to the show "because it did not require all-night shooting times, and each shoot is not long, the format is based on cooking and food, I like it! I can't wait to try Chris's cooking!"

    Alice Chan will be appearing as a guest and making two dishes too but have yet to decide what she will be making.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by Phoenix, Oct 10, 2020.