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  1. does anyone knows how the official red cross in south korea works?

    how long does red cross keep you?

    what if your ill? do you get to come back?

    do u have to sign contracts?

    has anyone joined before? and go to any countries such as Kenya? or any Africa places?
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    Sounds like someone got bit by the altruism bug; that's great, it's always good to give back whenever and wherever one can. But, I'm a bit perplexed as to why you're searching for Korean Red Cross groups going to Africa on an Asian entertainment forum? IMHO, you may have better luck searching groups that deal primarily with humanitarian organizations and volunteer groups. Also, volunteer work is often mistakenly clouded by visions based on Hollywood romanticism; real foreign missions, more often than not, are exhausting, expensive, and emotionally demanding far above and beyond what a neophyte expects. It can also be exceedingly dangerous as volunteers have even been kidnapped and held for ransom; raped, and or murdered. It's best to do a good deal of personal research before making any actual commitments.

    Having said that, some basic facts about overseas volunteer missions are, for the non skilled volunteer (the bulk of which are usually done by religious organizations); this is generally for those with big hearts, and sometimes wallets (but who are not specialists or professionals) and willing to pay their own way to go to another country to help out in any way that they can. Sometime a volunteer mission can cost thousands of dollars. A non professional volunteer may look upon the expense as the price for a worthy vacation, and it may be tax deductible.

    The professional groups, who generally pay your freight, provide accommodations and security, are usually exacting in their requirements for specialized skill sets such as medicine, heavy construction, and or search and rescue. Also, I believe the bulk of Korean Red Cross' efforts would be within the ROK and not in Africa (your expressed interest). While Koreans have been known to operate humanitarian missions outside of Korea, I suspect that these are generally efforts by the ROK government itself. You can write or email the Korean Red Cross with your questions and get more specific answers.

    On a personal note, I had the pleasure of meeting ROK soldiers who provided escort for our medical mission in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. Surprisingly, some of the ROK soldiers were really Americanized, but had returned to the ROK to fulfill their mandatory military obligation; they were sent to Haiti as a part of the ROK's UN commitment.
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