Selena Li in 'Survivor's Law 2 律政新人王

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    Selena Li as Cheng Choi Yuk
    Age: 25

    - She will help Sammul regain his confidence back and lawyer license.

    Gender: female
    Age: 25
    Job: restaurant waiter

    Hidden Text:

    Good-hearted, glad to help people, down-to-earth not artificial. Because she haven't study much and she became friends with an important lawyer as boyfriend, unavoidably it makes her think that she sought friendship with somebody of a higher social standing and made her feel inferior. She has perseverance, a high patience, afterwards being abadoned she discovered that she's pregnant from her ex-boyfriend, even resolutely gives birth to their baby and look after him at her own.

    Background and experiences:
    Choi Yuk has been born and lived in low social class, in order to make a living, her parents stayed often in Mainland for work and she has been used to take care of herself. Because life is hard, Choi Yuk completed her secondary school and stepped into the society to make a living. Afterwards she first worked at several cafes and restaurants as waiter, having a ordinary people's life. Some years ago, Choi Yuk worked at a cafe shop so that she noted a frequent customer: a gentle person, who often comes at his own, always sitting in a corner of the shop. One day, Choi Yuk discovers that the frequent customer, so she specially flushed the cup "Siu Ha Ha" coffee to tease him, afterwards making him become her boyfriend, called Cheuk Wai Ming.