Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Worldwide

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    Having only launched a few weeks ago, the Galaxy Note 7 is the latest of the Samsung series and was well received by reviewers, with compliments to the unique feature of the iris scanner allowing users to unlock the phone with their eyes.

    However following recent reports in the US and South Korea of the phone "exploding" during or after charging, the firm has made its decision to recall the smartphone worldwide and stated that battery problems were behind phones catching fire.

    According to Samsung, the phone has been launched in 10 countries so far but with different companies supplying the batteries hence it has been difficult for the company to work out exactly which phone has been affected among the 2.5 million Note 7s sold. Customers who have already bought the phone will be able to swap it for a new one. Replacement devices are scheduled to take two weeks to prepare.

    During the press conference with the president of the company Koh Dong Jin, he reported : "There was a tiny problem in the manufacturing process so it was very hard to figure it out, the recall will cost us so much it makes my heart ache. But nonetheless, customer safety was our first priority so we didn't hesitate to make this decision."

    cred: BBC/CNN
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    Well, this has got to a real bad turn of events for Samsung. But you have to hand it to them though. Better to bite the bullet and take the thing off the market rather than have to deal with law suits of 'phones on planes exploding into flames and causing a crash' or some such. I hope they figure out what it is...
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    Terrible timing for Samsung as Apple is about to announce the upcoming iPhone and this stop-sale recall is going to hurt the Galaxy Note 7 sales... And the battery that is causing the exploding issue is the ones made in Korea apparently...
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    That sucks, figured it would be the "made in China" ones :p
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    The phone parts & battery are all made in SK. But the phone is assembled in PRC.:jackwhat:
    That's like buying a Ferrari that's manufactured in China with an Italian engine.:no:
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    Well dang there you have it...