Sammi Cheng reflects on life through new song

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    16 Jun – Sammi Cheng recently shared a snippet of her new song, "We Grew Up This Way" on social media, and shared thoughts about life in general.

    The singer, who posted a video of herself performing the rough version of the song on Instagram, wrote, "Very few people can go through life without wind and waves in their lives, and nobody is perfect. Sometimes we reach the peak of life, and sometimes we will be at a lowest of places."

    "Sometimes we are with courage, sometimes we are trembling in fear, sometimes we act decisively, sometimes we are hesitant, sometimes we will obey the angels in our hearts, sometimes we obey the darkness of the devil, sometimes we want to give up, sometimes we are desperately struggling, sometimes we know how to be sensible, sometimes we get lost, sometimes we are praised, sometimes we fall into suspicion, sometimes we are happy, sometimes We are frustrated, sometimes we laugh at people, sometimes we shed tears, sometimes we love to love, sometimes we are loved unconditionally."

    "[...] in fact, you and I have are no different, because we are all mortal. We all need to experience some difficulties. Through our own life stories, in right and wrong or good or bad, we refined ourselves into a better person, because we all learn to grow in error, because that is how we grow up," she added.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jun 18, 2019.