Samantha Ko Taking on Lead Role in New TVB Drama "Agent C9"

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    The TVB fadan exodus is leading to the rise of a new leading lady — Samantha Ko (高海寧).

    The 31-year-old actress, who made her debut in 2009 through the Miss Hong Kong competition, will be headlining the new TVB comedy drama Agent C9 <C9特工> as the titular character, a housewife who works as a secret agent.
    Samantha will be co-leading the drama with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Lai Lok-yi (黎諾懿).

    Agent C9 is not Samantha’s first drama as first lead. Early last year, she teamed up with Mat Yeung (楊明) to film the TVB comedy Marriage Partners <婚姻合伙人>, which was her first drama as first lead. Marriage Partners is currently awaiting release.

    Netizens are divided about Samantha’s rise to female lead. Some netizens commented saying they believe Kenneth deserved a better leading lady, while others said Samantha was able to rise quickly because of Wong Jing (王晶).

    Nonetheless, Samantha has been showing steady improvements since her debut into acting in 2010, and a lot of avid TVB drama watchers are looking forward to her performance. A new generation of fadans is on the rise.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, May 14, 2018.