.: RULES for posting Deals / NOT for selling your stuff :.

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    The main purpose of this section is for PA members to post Deals & Steals they come across that you think other PA members can take advantage of (you will have to make the decision on this; useless post or deals that is out of nowhere will be deleted). Deals should be made on a per thread basis, meaning if you should be made into 1-single thread INSTEAD of creating a thread under your username with ongoing updates. This can elimiate members in duplicating the same deal in multiple threads and allowing others to find the deals that are available to them quickly.


    {OK!!} Dell.ca 10-Day of Deals (valid from ___ to ___)
    {BAD} Username's Deal Thread (ongoing updates)

    By the way, this section of the forum is for members to post deals and NOT for members to post on things they are trying to sell or get rid of.
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    i've added the canadian + usa flags, so you can select the flag according to where the deal is. if you guys want other flags added give me a pm or post here
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    Aussie Flag, B-Lee, THE AUSSIE FLAG!