Ron Ng and Toby Leung Photos Emerge

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    The scandalous photos between Ron Ng (吳卓羲) and Toby Leung (梁靖琪) continue to emerge. While filming for Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2> in Sanya, Hainan, Ron and Toby were photographed behaving intimately at the hotel’s pool. Although the pair had denied flirting with one another, the media continued to reveal the steamy details of the wild poolside party.

    Ron’s Attentiveness Towards Toby

    On September 16, Ron Ng and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) treated the cast and crew to a dinner after wrapping up the filming. At about 10 PM, Ron stayed behind to drink with some of the cast members. After Toby finished swimming, she joined the group and sat next to Ron. Ron reportedly was exceptionally attentive towards Toby. Upon seeing her wet and messy hair, Ron stroked her hair gently and tidied her hair.

    Ron, Toby, Stefan Wong (黃長興) and a few cast members sneaked in the hotel’s swimming pool even though it was already closed. Toby was exceptionally striking wearing a black strapless bikini top, showing off her 35D figure. The group played wrestling games at the pool and Toby had no qualms about adjusting her bikini top in front of the men.

    Toby and Ron then wrestled at the pool and the pair was behaving intimately during the game. Clad in a low cut bikini, Toby revealed her cleavage which prompted Ron to say, “You have such good nutrition. It’s hard not to have any reaction!” Despite Ron’s dirty joke, Toby continued to hold him and smash him down the pool.

    Ron Suggested Stripping Game

    Ron reportedly suggested the group to play a stripping game and said, “Whoever removes your trunks, I will treat him as my brother!”

    The entire group attempted to strip one another and Stefan was photographed holding up Quinn Ho’s (何君誠) pink-colored swimming trunks. Ron and Toby did not join in the game and were happily watching the game.

    The group then proceeded with their drinking games. As Ron lost the game, he tried to avoid the drinking by excusing himself to the washroom. However, the group stopped him and asked him to release himself at a pool nearby. Ron reportedly listened to his friends and polluted the pool! After a rowdy party for two hours, a hotel staff walked in and requested the group to leave. Ron and Toby reportedly held hands and returned back to their hotel rooms.

    Toby and Husband’s Response

    After returning to Hong Kong, Toby’s husband, Aaron was asked of his opinion on the scandal. Toby quickly answered on behalf of her husband, “Are there any photos to see? Show us what photos you have!”

    When the reporter showed Aaron the photos, his face reportedly turned solemn and replied, “She already told me the situation and I don’t feel unhappy. They are only good friends.”

    Ron treats Toby as a Sister

    Asked if he and Toby had a good time at the pool party, Ron replied, “Yes. After the celebratory dinner, we played games at the pool. We played some drinking games.”

    Responding to their drunken behavior, Ron replied, “We did drink some beer during the dinner but we were both sober.” When the reporter showed a picture of him patting Toby’s head, Ron was shocked and said, “This….is an expression of concern. It’s just like how a brother will treat his younger sister.”

    Speaking about their intimate behavior, Ron said, “All your photos freeze at one action. It’s a bit too much to accuse us just by looking at the photos. ”

    Ron also emphasized that Toby had a playful character and they will mind their behavior the next time in the presence of media. Reiterating that they are good friends, Ron said, “Everyone knows we are good friends. However, I am at fault too. I should not treat her like a man and play with her in this way.”

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    Creds: Next Magazine
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    I don't care if Ron and Toby are friends or secretly dating...for the reporters to go in front of Toby's husband and ask questions is going way too far. It's one thing for them to talk about their relationship and another when some asshole decided to spill everything in public...
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    Well .. Toby should have known better. She's a married woman. The partying phase should have been gone by now .. Perhaps it's hurtful to ask the hubby but Toby knew it was coming. There are camera at all hotels .. in or out .. sure they know this well .. to act like that ... come on .. gotta be something going on.
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    some news to boost her ailing popularity~~~
  5. They have money, they aren't working 9-5s so the party never really stops..