Return of the Cuckoo - 十月初五的月光 (2015)

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  2. turbobenx

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    the whole entire series was good until the ending when she left with steven ma.... wtf..... I wonder how they gonna counter that whack-ass ending in the series with the movie. But nonetheless, the song gives good memory....
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    In the synopsis somewhere, they already said that steven ma died(i forgot the reason) but it was something cliche like car crash and heart attack.
  4. turbobenx

    turbobenx .........

    The ending was so bad that they made a bad impression on handicaps. What, so if u r handicap, you're not allow to date someone u love? I remembered that was the reason y i hated steven ma and nancy sit....lmao... Oooooo the young me....
  5. crasianlee

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    True on that part, would have been nice if they didn't have the handicap part in the movie. But a great continuation from the series. Granted 2 of the things may have been a bit different, but I think it fit perfectly and pretty awesome to have practically 99% of the cast in it too bad Sherming wasn't it, but was awesome to see
    Steven Ma
    in it was quite surprised.
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  6. very nostalgia seeing the cast again especially micheal tong lol havent seen him since the series!!

    tvb movies suck they are just series packaged as movies (laughin gor, tits, all suck! ) Line Walker film will flopp also. :moses:
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    Yes, I was waiting for the movie but I feel very disappointed by the ending :sad:

    Fortunately the characters are like they use to be and the actors are good
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