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    I don't know how many of you read this heartbreaking story from 2 years ago, about a ne'er do well cousin of a Chinese immigrant and family man. The man had charitably allowed this "down on his luck" relative into his own home, only to have the ungrateful cretin murder his entire family out of petty jealousy and rage. The murderous cousin finally got sentenced. And it looks like he's gotten fat while in prison.

    I know many other Chinese would likely had done the same over the sense of moral obligation to our blood relatives, that we must somehow provide assistance if they're in need. This is exactly the kind of case that they should have given a death sentence for, but sadly, New York State no longer has an effective death penalty.

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    "When detectives questioned Chen, he told them he was jealous of the success of his fellow Chinese immigrants, police said. Relatives said he had been fired from different restaurant jobs." Source

    The problem was himself. If he was fired (rather than laid off), then he fucked up. Rather than getting jealous of other's success, he should've reflected how he could've improved himself.
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    The problem was his mother; she should've hid him under a pile of heavy rocks immediately after he was born... :disgust:
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    "Should've given birth to bbq cha siu instead of him"?
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    I remember this, was the talk of the entire chinese community here, so tragic. These people have opportunities but they can't hold down any job cause they think they are too good for it, always looking for an easy way to get rich instead of working hard.

    When I go yum cha, I hear gossip about so many things. One of my father's friends cousin who just immigranted here alway complaining about how hard it is to find a job. But so many people got him jobs, but he kept quiting them and make up bullshit stories, either co workers are picking on him or the hours aren't good enough. So many excuses, so my father told his friend, your cousin is a lazy mofo, pretty much tell it as it is cause the jobs they got him were from connections they had for years. When they call or meet up, these people complains how lazy and a know it all this guy is. If my father recommended you and he has to hear this from people, don't expect people to help him any more.

    Jobs are everywhere, but if people are lazy and dont work hard, you have no one to blame but youself.
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    I don't know this story, it is so disappointing to hear thins kind of story.

    We have to help people when we can but in our society now there are so many lazy people.

    I agree. I can't stand people who always complain but don't do anything to improve their conditions.
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    The other day we went out to a nearby Chinese place to eat. During dinner, I noticed a Hispanic man busing the tables and pointed him out to my son. I explained the whole "amigo" phenomenon to him, about how many illegal Mexicans are hired in Asian restaurants as low end labor, beneath even the hiring tier of the Chinese illegal immigrant. I told him that it takes tremendous courage to leave one's native surrounds, travel thousands of miles from home to seek employment in a place where they don't speak your language, treat you like crap, maybe cheat you on wages while you perform back breaking work, and can report you to immigration at the drop of a hat. I told him to never ever look down on such people as many times before in history, it had been the Chinese who was that man. In that case, it wasn't the amigo then, it was the Chinaman. I also explained that the contextual usage of both terms were of a derogatory nature.

    So yes, there is ample opportunity; it is there for those willing to work for it but sometimes they have to have the moral character and mettle for it. In the final analysis however, no one owes them anything.
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  8. dont remember this case

    was he from mainland too?

    bringing the madness to U.S.

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    I think he was. IIRC, after arriving in the Big Apple, he had spent some time working a variety of jobs but either quit or got fired from each of them. He then went out to Chicago to try his luck only to return to NYC a short while later, after whatever his ambition in Chicago didn't quite pan out either. He was living rent free in his cousin's home but grew angry and jealous of his cousin's success, so he killed his cousin's family. I hope he's getting assf*cked real good in jail.