Regina Ho denies signing a 20-year contract with TVB

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    Miss Hong Kong alumna Regina Ho has recently laughed off the notion that she is selling her youth to TVB.

    This comes after it was reported that the actress has signed a 20-year contract with the broadcaster, with TVB promising to give her leading roles.

    It was also reported that the company has hired an assistant for Regina, who could be seen following her around while she was filming her new drama earlier.

    According to HK01, when asked about the rumour, Regina stated that she found the whole thing funny, and that she did not sign such a long-term contract with TVB.

    Asked how long her contract is with the station, she replied, "It's not convenient to talk about the content of the contract, but it is surely not 20 years. I think it's not much different with everybody else."

    As for her said assistant, Regina revealed that she paid for the assistant herself to buy herself some time to rest, what with her hectic filming schedule. It is noted that the actress has worked on four dramas this year, and is currently preparing for another one that will be aired next year.

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  2. Jeff

    Jeff 神之馬壯

    Always thought she was one of the prettier Miss HK.

    But 20 year contracts should be illegal lol
  3. ab289

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    Admittedly, that's pretty much life in this world. you are exchanging your time for money - either for the next meal, next car, next house, and finally retirement.

    Although, if true, 20 years commitment is way too long to be in contract with an employer.
  4. KilaKilaGirl

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    I do see her rising in the show business especially in the new drama she's in right now. Giving opportunities to young artists are great and refreshing approach. 20 years is a long contract time. Celebrities made the most money during their prime years. It would be a waste to invest all in one business. Tvb is well-known for its low price high hours. Mainland China and western business would be better off. She did said she didn't sign the 20 years contract with tvb. She probably sign like 5 or 8 years contract.