Raymond Lam & Yoyo Mung - Tranquil Love Moments

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    Many people view Valentine’s Day as a romantic moment where couples express their love for each other. In one way or another, everyone of us still wished for that day to be a little special. Hoping to create unforgettable memories, which will become the evidence of their love in the future. Originally thought the beautiful girl and handsome guy combination of Yoyo Mung and Lam Fung would look forward to Valentine’s Day and they would have many plans. But actually for them, the ideal Valentine’s Day would not be full of romantic surprises, and don’t need extravagant plans to celebrate. They would feel more touched if it was spent in simplicity. Maybe after being in the entertainment industry, they would most desire for the warmth within the calmness!

    Change to have more space
    In the complicated entertainment industry circle, no matter how unwilling, the public will place their attention on your love affairs. Maybe Yoyo is already accustomed to it after being in the industry for many years, so she wouldn’t talk about her love life often. This minimises the gossip, and she only hopes that their relationship is healthy, and not a means of creating news. She confidently said, “The key is to persist on living happily, using positive thoughts to support each other, because a relationship is not built on tears. I wouldn’t deliberately conceal my relationship matters, but I would not talk about it much. I understand there are gains and losses with working in this industry, but sometimes I would rather gain less, hoping to exchange for more space for us.”

    Love that is real
    As for Lam Fung, who is very popular recently, maybe it’s because his character is very well known to the audience, he always give the feeling that he is a romantic with many loves. However, the reality is quite opposite. He longs for a simple life, but because he’s in this industry, every move is watched by others. Some things which other people would consider as normal, he doesn’t have the opportunity to try. “Actually a simple life is the most comfortable, even dating, I think, doesn’t need a lot of elaborate plans. Can go shopping or see a movie, or eat a candlelight dinner, this will already satisfy me.”

    Throwing flowers into the rubbish bin
    Speaking on the topic of love, you have to talk about their past experiences. Yoyo talking about her most unforgettable Valentine’s Day, “I don’t like flowers, plus using flower wrapping paper is very wasteful. There was a year I got flowers, that moment I was quite scared, don’t know why, immediately threw them into the rubbish bin.” Speaking of it Yoyo started laughing, and Fung, who was next to her also laughed at her for being such a tomboy. What plans does she have with Ekin Cheung? Yoyo heard it and said, “If he plans anything special I will be scared! Actually I don’t really care for the festive atmosphere, if we both understand each other’s thoughts that would already be enough. This year I would like to try something new, like last year I performed some overseas visits and experienced some behind the scenes work, this gave me new, and memorable understandings.”

    Longing to date
    As for Lam Fung, maybe he already knows of the editor’s intentions, haven’t asked and already said he is not dating anyone. He said he’s been single for a long time so he also wants to date. But he is a perfectionist, he has high expectations of himself and also of other people. Plus his working hours are not stable, so it’s not easy for find someone. He smiled and said, “After entering this industry there isn’t a whole month where I don’t have to film a series, this year I hope to concentrate on singing, trying out different areas.”

    Love accessories
    Valentine’s Day gifts are often viewed as a couple’s symbol of love, and accessories are often the choice. Yoyo and Fung both have their favourites on accessories. Yoyo likes diamonds and coloured stones, “I think every girl likes diamonds, and different coloured stones have different feelings, they can be elegant, or cute. It’s very suitable for attending parties.”

    The stylish Fung thinks that giving accessories is the perfect choice for guys to give to his other half. On the other hand, it can be very useful for guys to compliment their outfits. “There aren’t as many varieties for guys in terms of creating an outfit. Accessories can enlighten an outfit, like a necklace, ring for casual wear, it’s trendy and also adds charm to men. And also wearing badges with a suit can emit an air of maturity for men.”

    Source: JessicaCode Magazine Issue No. 77 (February 2009)
    Scans by: Sharon @ RaymondForest.com
    Translated by: Kat @ http://raymondlam.org