Raymond Lam takes a break from filming due to injury

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    Rumour has it that the production of Wong Jing's new movie, "Kung Fu Cult Master" has been halted for a short time due to lead star Raymond Lam's injury.

    As reported on Oriental Daily, sources revealed that the actor who has been doing his own fight scenes in the martial arts film, injured his shoulder while filming a fight scene with co-star Louis Fan.

    However, since the location of the shoot was very remote, Raymond was unable to go to a hospital, and instead received treatment from a physician that was stationed in Hengdian.

    It is also noted that the production of the said movie has been progressing slowly due to weather issues - with frequent rain dampening the development.

    When asked about Raymond's injury, Wong stated, "He was too tired and was not feeling well, so we gave him two days off."

    Asked if the actor had applied for a longer break, reportedly to accompany wife Carina Zhang who was rumoured to be pregnant with their first child, the filmmaker shook his head and said, "I never asked about personal matters."

    credits: yahoo.sg
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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Jun 26, 2020.