Randoms I saw during HK trip

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  1. Saw 'Ah 嫻‘ (Young girl yoga instructor from CHL2) as well at Langham but she ran away too quickly to take a photo :|
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  2. callstar(Y) and Jinny:blush:
  3. christy chan? if so :yes:
  4. Yep that's her - Christ Chan 陳潔玲. She's a lot skinnier in person (Y)
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    Nice ! I didn't meet anyone when I was there...My cousin told me were next to some "celebrity" but I don't know him lol
  6. I had the same.. bumped into some 'ke le feh' on the MTR... everyone was staring but we were all like 'dafuq is that guy' hahahaha
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  7. what happen to bella lam? tvb doesnt cast her anymore looks prettier now too :hmm:

    last time i heard in news she was rumored with bosco :kelefe:
  8. no idea but she is definitely prettier now. She's still hosting 'Own Sweet Home ' eps
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    nice, its just make up and her nose whack.

    in actuality. a lotta thema re tiny in reall ife
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    I went to shau kei wan a few weeks ago and it happened they had the dragon festival thing. Joel Chan was there and so was Derek Kok that I couldnt get a pic of :(

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  11. ^ Nice~! haha he doesn't seem to happy though lol
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    actually he seemed very nice. I was waiting in line for "lo cho" and I kept staring in the middle to see both of them since I had nothing to do anyway. A lot of people would go in the middle and asked to take pics with him and he actually took quite a few photos with fans. It could have just been the moment I took pic of him that he didnt smile haha.
  13. haha should go up and take photos with them next time :p