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  1. I like that music they played when Michael thought he saw ah Wing.

    and the burning rope... took so long to burn... >.<
  2. What music?
    I can't even remember >.<

    Yeh...that was so funny!
    Micheal was goin crazy -lol
    Then when Jessican fell -clapclap
  3. -Tisken-

    -Tisken- Well-Known Member

    michael had 4 "A" i guess <_<
    then bobby with a royal flush... what a luck.... impossible.... XD
  4. lol yea she was like "wtf?"

    I know... Four 'A' then a Flush... -er. and how Michael picked out 5 cards evenly... -er -er... rushed ending... >.<
  5. U kno when Michael and Bosco had a basketball match with some random guys...
    Michael was like yeah I was how jerng...so much confidence!!
    I was like omg! He's gonna be so good...-lol

    Rubbishyyy!! :p
  6. bonnie555

    bonnie555 Member

    i thought this was a great movie.. i love bobby and micheal!
    although the ending was a little gay over all it was pretty good..
  7. lol omg Michael cannot play ball...

    yea the ending was all bit too rushed.. Oh one thing really bothered me..

    They never realized how Michael manipulated that GIRL!!!
  8. ^ Who Tavia?

    It was so funny when that rich girl promised to help Bobby out with the case but she didn't turn up...
    Then he rang her up and she was like yeah I'm flying here doing this doing that blah blah blah -lol

    Everyone was probably thinking...LIAR!! -lol
  9. yea then she told Michael... "your check with the small amount" hahahahaaa ballin!!!

    but yea I ment that other girl.. she's related to the Casino owner??
  10. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    -lol yeh that was funny when Micheal said he was good at basketball but it turned out that he was crap lol
    I think Bosco was better than Micheal at basketball in that film, i didn't even see Micheal score, they got beatened badly... lol
  11. Haha yeahhh how embaressing!! -lol

    Ooooo that girl...something about Michael's got her pictures blah blah blah >.<
    Hmm...no one cares about her :p
  12. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    um... what girl are you talking about? >.<
  13. She's like the Casino owner's niece or somethin?? yea pictures.. but what pictures??I figured it's some kinda nudie pics.. but it's only right that they tell you the whole story round it...
  14. Yeahh...its kinda obvious coz she got so paranoid when some guy was talkin a pic of his g/f >.<
  15. yea but they should have had a flash back on how he did it.. but then it would have made Michael's character look even worse..
  16. ^ Just Coz U Wanna See Her Pics!! -noclue
  17. lol yea... but only so that it could help clarify some questions... xD
  18. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    i don't even know what you two are chatting about lol
    you two remember so much man, i can't even remember most parts in the series now... lol
  19. Ur Getting Old La Small Air Ghost!! :p

    Clarify...What Questions Exactly Ecko The Ham Chong! -noclue
  20. questions on how Michael manipulated her.. evil_mui The Ham Ha! -shoot