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  1. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    -lol i remember those parts... I liked the hotpot part.
    First i thought the rich girl's lo yeh was going to lose to Bobby...
    But it turned out that Bobby lost >.<
  2. ^ is 'turnt' even a word? -lol
    Yeahh!! Love Ah Wing! He's so funny!!
  3. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    -lol...i edited it :D
    Ah Wing was a too good friend for helping Micheal. If he told Bobby first he wouldn't have died
  4. ^ -clapclap
    Yeah...its so weird tho..
    Ur friend u've known for like 10 years tries to kill u blah blah blah right?
    Then u kno when Michael 'kills' Ah Wing ( I kno it wasnt his fault...but whatever)
    And then he rings Bobby sayin oh...Ah Wing rang me and said we were gonna have hotpot together...WTF!?
    They was acting as tho they was friends again and non of that stuff every happened >.<
    Wouldn't Bobby suspect something?
    Tvb so jumpy! Dun make sense!-noclue
  5. lol the "Mok Jui" part was pretty funny...

    damn just finished "The End"... omg.. such a good series.. -cry2

    I can't believe Bosco's song actually got played at the end.. practically forgot about it after all those episodes...

    I dunno.. for it being a "gambling series" I woulda preferred more gambling.. but still good nonetheless

    The ending coulda been a lil longer but it had a very artistic feel to it.

    Round of Applause for a great series... -clapclap -clapclap -clapclap
  6. Yeh I was surprised that it was actually quite good!! -rolleyes

    The rich girls lo yeh was ho choon!! Loved it!! -lol
  7. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    'ho choon'? I'm bad in pronouncing the word...<_<
    Yeh the end chapter happened relli quick... I was like wow...is that all >.<
  8. yup.. poor Michael.. this was prolly the first character that he played that I actually liked.

    sucks he wasn't all that bad.. but there were jus too much misunderstanding between him n Bobby..
  9. Yeh...makes Bobby seem really old
    Coz he 'imagines' he sees Jessica >.<

    Aww that kid is so cutie!! -blush2

    Small Air Ghost! Repeat it till u understand same with ya nick ;)
  10. ho choon.. like hella cocky..

    yea I mean.. its like all of a sudden they were gambling.. but you dunno the stuff leading up to it... -__-;
  11. -lol Small Air Ghost...

    yea I liked how they kinda kept you guessing when you see the person walking..
  12. YupZ YupZ!! Goo wak jai = Small air ghost ;)

    Yeah...it's kinda silly how he always 'imagines' her...>.<

    I can't even remember what happens in the series nowZ! -lol
  13. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    -lol i think i kinda get it... but who cares...
    I think they did quite well ending the series as how it was on the beach...
    Yeh it kinda made Bobby seem old by making him imagine stuff.
  14. I thought Jessica's friend was so annoying!
    So lan dow!! GrRr!!
  15. goo wak jai

    goo wak jai Well-Known Member

    wow you remember so much things about this serie...and you say 'I can't even remember what happens in the series nowZ!' -lol
    Jessica's friend is stupid... i wonder if she got bak with her husband
  16. lol Jessica's friend is rockin' a LeSportsac...
  17. Well...how can u forget her?
    Like every 5 minutes dai yee long is at her house >.<
    So annoying! -noclue
    And she drags Bosco and Jessica along with her too!! GrRr
  18. 3riQa

    3riQa Member

    ah wing was soo funny! ;D
    loved it when he was lik "baby" "honey" and his hot pot!! i love hot pot ^^
  19. I liked him the most in the beginning when he had that wig on... xD
  20. ^ -lol
    OmgZ!! He looked so silly!!! -lol
    Ging aR!! -clapclap
    And Bobbys FAKE belly ;)