Rainy Day for Pop Fans As Permit Is Delayed

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    Rainy Day for Pop Fans As Permit Is Delayed ​

    Fans waiting to see South Korean heart-throb Rain in concert in Shanghai this month face further delays - the pop star's performance permit has not been issued by the Ministry of Culture.

    The organizer of Rain's concerts in China said on Tuesday that his mainland performances will be deferred.

    Rain was listed in the 100 Most Influential People by Time magazine and started his world tour in October 2006.

    His Shanghai concert was due to be on April 14 at Shanghai Stadium, where he was also due to launch his China fan club. The organizer says it has obtained the performance permit for Shanghai but is still waiting for the permit from the Ministry of Culture.

    Tickets for his Shanghai concert were only available for pre-ordering. However, fans are disappointed and fear the concert might be canceled.

    The organizer says the exact date is not confirmed yet, but the performance will possibly be in late April.