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    18 Feb – Hong Kong actress Rain Li recently announced that she is now married to businessman Eric Huang.

    As reported on Mingpao, the actress surprised fans last week on social media by sharing an animated photo of her and Eric, and the words, "Eric + Rain = Mr & Mrs Huang".

    Speaking to the media about her marriage, Rain shared that it was not a shotgun wedding, but that she and her husband wanted a private ceremony.

    "I have known Eric for a long time. After my breakup with my previous boyfriend, Eric began to pursue me. He said he has always liked me but didn't dare to tell me. When he knew I was single again, he finally took the initiative," she said.

    Rain said that she was busy filming in the mainland at the time, and that Eric would often come and visit to win her heart.

    When asked when he proposed, the actress revealed that Eric popped the question on her birthday last November.

    "Eric has always been serious about getting married, so after half a year, we decided to do it. We registered the marriage on 2 February," she said.

    As for a wedding banquet, Rain stated that she would love to hold two banquets in Hong Kong and mainland China, but both she and Eric are currently busy with their work.

    The actress also stressed that she would love to have children in two years' time.

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by shinobi, Feb 18, 2019.