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    Sorry, I'm not really sure where to post this since it's such an old show and there's no discussion for it.

    Anyways, channel 453 (direct TV) is airing 奇幻潮 again and I am really confused with today's episode.

    There are three sisters: Sue, Yan, and May. Don is Yan's boyfriend and the four of them are really close.

    I think they had to do some project for school and the four of them had to go to some ghost house where someone has been reported missing there.

    When they get there, May sees a ghost but Sue still urges they explore the house.

    They suddenly get locked in one the rooms and on the wall, there's writing that says if they want to get out, someone must sacrifice their blood onto this star engraving.

    Don, being the man, cuts himself and the door opens.

    They enter another room and, once again, gets locked in. The wall writing appears and says someone must sacrifice their finger. No one wants to but they all want Sue to, because she was the one who wanted to go to the ghost house in the first place. At last, they use toothpicks to determine who has to sacrifice. Sue picks the shortest toothpick and they forcefully cut her finger off.

    The door opens again and they enter another room where they're locked in again.

    This time, the wall writing says a life must be sacrificed. Yan tries to persuade Don to sacrifice his life if he really loves her. He says he loves her, but he loves himself more. Here, Sue reveals that Don and May were having an affair. Angry, Yan tries to stab May with a broken beer bottle. Yan falls back and her head pushes into a nail in the wall. The bottle ends up stabbing Sue, where she just lays on the floor bleeding.

    Yan, May, and Don are talking about their relationship and how Don would do the same to May in the future. Then May stabs Yan and the door opens again.

    May and Don gets to the exit but the door is locked. The wall writing says only one person is allowed out, so one person has to die.

    Don says he'd do anything for May because he loves her. They hug and May stabs him with a knife while he ties her neck with a rope. The both of them die and the door opens.

    The host then says, if the four of them weren't so selfish, they would've all been able to leave. My question is, how would they leave? How did their selfishness get in the way? Wouldn't they have to sacrifice blood, a finger, and a life anyways???
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    Seen that quite a while ago, but I'm sure there was another message near the end
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    it's a huge disadvantage that i can't read chinese.
    there was actually a message on one of the stones outside the house..
    i hope someone remembers it...