Predictions for how this series plays out

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  1. babs

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    Here are my thoughts:

    Obviously Myolie changes her ways as the producer said in an interview but Jessica will turn horribly bad, the king's brother isn't really dead and comes back. Jessica gets pissed at Sunny and schemes a way to get back at him for leading her to believe her husband is dead. Myolie and Joel kindof get together but not really. They only have their past. She loves Sunny. Sunny finds out about them but doesn't kill her for it. When things get really bad for Sunny, Myolie comes to his rescue. In the end, Jessica will commit suicide because she ends up losing everything. Joel somewhere along the line will die saving Myolie from one of Jessica's evil plots. Sunny will be king and Myolie his queen. Along the way a lot of ppl will die.

    Sound about right for a TVB storyline???
  2. turbobenx

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    didnt watch it after episode jessica did turn evil...?
  3. densha

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    no, it's gonna be evil vs evil... myolie vs jessica