Pictures of your room!

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    you can give me your ~5 bills, and ill give you my toonie

    btw... grace is your age?

    all this time i thought i was staring at some girl older than me... you born in 1987?

    yo anyways, you know whos hot? dannie riel. i got pics of her in my facebook.
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    im born in 88..shes first year ryerson...i didn't know she's asian! took me like 1 month...i don't tlk to her no more tho just a few times...u mean my girl? take her off ur facebook! lol jks..and i told u my 5 bills is at cibc..go rob them lol

  3. you... youre really tryin to make me jealous eh? -censored

    watch out. ill come to your house, and imma haunt you and torment you and rob you of your bills. remember, i live next to you, and cibc lost half a million client files. -innocent2 -worship lol

    btw, thanks for the pics. the last one is hot, and the first one, well, ill photoshop myself in =P

    but before that, heres mine :p

    [​IMG] me
    [​IMG] my brother
    [​IMG] hot

    now lets get back on topic shall we?
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    You know... I left it on PA for a reason [​IMG]

    Because you haven't seen inside the boxes and behind the cabinets [​IMG]
    Your room is actually not THAT messy compared to some guys I know. You can just copy me and shove everything inside boxes. [​IMG]

    Thanks. [​IMG] It looks a lot better in pictures than in RL, actually [​IMG]

    That's what I thought! The colors/design resembles something you'd see at a hotel. It's nice, though. [​IMG]

    Hm... looks like something a 12 year old fangirl would own. How old did you say you were again? [​IMG]

    I spot 1 american dollar and some US change [​IMG]
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    your bedroom & computer room is so pretty.. T__T and you're so organized & neat. o__o and and and..the furniture is so unique and pretty. my room is so messy and small. -doh -cry2

    lmao. dann i love you "hut-chiew" :p [i hope i said that right. lol]
  6. hehe thank you :D

    if i understood "het chieu" correctly, you said "you love me to the point that you cant stand it" :p

    im flattered hehehe ;)
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    r u gonna to the toronto autoshow this year? its not import but u get to seee A LOT of new cars and some concept..and theres a test drive thing too..i didn't have my g2 last year but i do now =)

    i want shelves but my room has like no room for new shelfs...i only got cupboards since it was a kitchen...maybe i should renovate..but then again the more room i have the more excuse i have to buy useless stuff lol

    lol my cousin gave my the bedsheets since she got 2..well i asked for it =p..dont b jealous..i was quite into twins! im still a child at heart =)

    ya i go to states once in a while but then its prettyuseless now..inflation...canada and usa will soon have the same dollar value =)
  8. ^ yea i know what auto show is. i go to it every year without question.

    btw now that i saw your dannie riel pic, you look damn familiar.. i mightve seen you at importfest. probably didnt pay much attention but to the rides and models there :p
  9. kdotc

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    lol i doubt u saw me....that wasn't importfest it was sports compact nights..and i missed out on last years import fest meaning 2005 and 2 month's ago i forgot my camear so didn't take pics..i woulda been on top of th models lol..i was there at night..when the lights came out..u like grace mendoza?
  10. Knoctur_nal

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    what more can one say..the mans room is a kitchen...and put them fake bills away...
  11. kitchen wit no food as a matter of fact.. -lol
  12. brown_bear

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    ^ its got a fish tank with no fish so me thinks he ate the fishes -lol
  13. nah there's a few.. if you look hard enough thru the poluted watter..
  14. brown_bear

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    *after squinting* yeh i see a few fishes amongst the trainers :D yeh thats probably his dinner for tonight nobody knows
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    hmmmm whos an interior designer here?
  16. sure! she signed my poster FOR FREE. i like anybody who gives me free stuff!
  17. kdotc

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    you're my dinnner! u rolo bear lol

    lol WTF..u're whack...she signed everyones for free its her job lol...stayin there for like 12hrs then hittin up the club after...she wouldn't tell me how much she'll b good if u're tyte with the other models personally ;) lol
  18. brown_bear

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    ^ haha dream on :p
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    Thought I had some pictures of my room up, apparently I was wrong, I'll take some... eventually, all you get is this teaser pic for now

  20. @ kdotc

    yea. im gonna have to know a few models personally. my friend is a dj, and knows dannie. you ever go to distrikt?

    @ avant

    i really like that framing. very nice perspective and lighting.