Photos From Karen Mok's Bachelorette Party Revealed

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    The Hong Kong singer and her husband are currently on honeymoon.

    During the Golden Melody Awards in June, 41-year-old Karen Mok announced that she would be marrying her German boyfriend Johannes, after she was awarded with the Best Female Mandarin Singer award.

    Four months later, on Oct 1, the couple wedded at a winery in Florence, Italy.

    Before her big day, Karen's friends, who are not from showbiz, threw her a bachelorette party. The singer, who wore a pink chiffon nightdress, broke the rules of the party, by bringing her husband along. She explained that she wanted her friends to know Johannes better.

    During the party, Karen's friends presented her with many gifts, including a pure silver handmade cylinder and a sexy, translucent pink nightdress.

    Because Karen and Johannes first fell in love with each other when they were 17 years old, everyone at their party also shared the memories they had at that age.

    The couple, who tied the knot a week ago, is said to be in Australia for their honeymoon.

    Commenting on their current whereabouts, Karen's assistant said, "Karen will be on leave the entire month and will return to Hong Kong for work in November. They're currently travelling in Europe and could not be reached."

    It was previously reported that Karen will be staying in London with her husband after they marry, and would only return to China when duty calls.


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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by b-lee, Oct 10, 2011.