PhotoDirector 5 [Free]

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    Thank you! Photodirector 6 is out, so I guess they're giving away 5 (which normally retails a bit over fifty bucks) in the hopes that it would attract the desire to pay for an upgrade. Still, if you don't have the program to begin with, it's a real steal to get it for free.

    For a short description of what this program is:

    ...or, watch the following video, LOL...

    IMHO, this would give Adobe Lightroom, a run for its money. I personally find Lightroom is easier to work with, as the controls are much more precise. However, Photodirector's bevy of free transform and object elimination controls is a real plus for simple corrections, and hey, you can't beat free.
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  3. Thanks for the link~! grabbed a copy anyways hahaha
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    Hahaha, i still haven't dl'd yet. Will do it tonight.