Pakho Chau defends Priscilla Wong: She is a professional actress

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By hoyeah! on Nov 6, 2017 at 2:38 PM
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    At a press conference of a new product, Pakho Chau (周柏豪) was asked about his filming partner, Priscilla Wong's (黃翠如) acting skills in Line Walker: The Prelude (使徒行者2) and the criticisms she received from netizens.
    He defended her: "Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and many netizens write it for the sake of high ratings or likes but they do not need to hurt any people. No need to worry about Priscilla and I will help her if they are overboard. It is normal to have criticisms when the drama is popular.
    (What do you think of Priscilla's acting skills?) Very good and she remains professional despite continuous filming for 9 days and only having few hours sleep. To be honest, as a friend I know her family background well. She's financially very well off and does not need to work but, she chose to still work very hard. I admire her efforts and she always spends time exploring the role characters. I will definitely cherish her as a friend."

    Rumours are circling there will be a sequel to Line Walker: The Prelude but, Pakho Chau said he still haven't heard anything official yet. He believes it all depends on the interest of Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and Benz Hui (許紹雄).
    He also believes adding Kenneth Ma into the cast team is not bad and the more, the merrier.

    Cred: Ming Pao HK / Asian E-news

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Discussion in 'Chinese Entertainment' started by hoyeah!, Nov 6, 2017.

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      pakho being nice :kelefe: she was mediocre wasn't feeling her crying in the end
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      Priscilla said will be taking a break and plan to take up an acting course to improve her acting skills. (Y)
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      It‘s not necessarily bad acting. It‘s her not being able to play her character‘s role. You can blame the production team and casting team as well.

      Not sure about this series. A prequel to a prequel’s prequel is a weak sign.
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      Agreed, the other series I've seen her she was pretty good in them portraying the characters, I just started watching LW2 though but haven't seen her come up yet...
      That's a good thing when a person wants to go to school to better themselves in a field they are working in.
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      but she is clumsily cute eye candy yeah? :jump1:
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      I think her acting is ok. Better than a lot of actresses. Just don;t put her in a dramatic roll.
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