Owen Cheung transforms physique for "The Ringmaster"

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    Owen Cheung recently did a 180 and went Nick Cheung on us - that is transforming himself from your normal every other man into a six-pack hunk just for an acting role.

    As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who takes on the role of a boxer in TVB series, "The Ringmaster", recently revealed his grueling nine months plan for the transformation - starting with gaining weight by forcing himself to eat more than usual.

    "At the time, I ate five meals a day, mostly steak and a lot of rice. I needed to gain a lot of fat and muscle so that it will be more obvious when I trim down," he said.

    After gaining more than 40 pounds, he then began cutting it all down through a more challenging diet and exercise plan - eating only boiled chicken breast and sometimes drinking blended chicken.

    Explaining the blended chicken method, Owen said that he was able to gain more protein by doing so without having to eat the dry meat.

    "The process was quite challenging. It was really tough, but I now have a better understanding of my body," he added.

    The upcoming series, co-starring Wayne Lai and Brian Chu, will be airing beginning 23 November.

    It is noted that film star Nick Cheung did similarly back in 2012 for his role in the 2013 Dante Lam MMA-related movie, "Unbeatable".

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    It's pretty crazy. Even Wayne's body too. Big props to these guys no joke.

    Now I wonder if Owen will try to somewhat maintain it :boblaff:
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    this proves that with hard work and dedication, the sky is not the limit.
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