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    code name for a possible new device by microsoft...

    Is Microsoft planning to announce details of a new portable device code-named Origami later this week? That is the question raised by a Web site called Origami Project.

    A search of Whois.com records shows that the domain name origamiproject.com is registered to Microsoft, but the site itself offers little information regarding its purpose, other than to hint at some form of announcement scheduled for March 2.

    "Hello. Do you know me? Do you know what I can do? And where I can go? Or how I can change your life? You will ... learn more on 3.2.06," an animation on the site teased.

    Through its public relations firm Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft said today that it does not plan to make an official announcement about Origami this week, but will share more information in upcoming weeks. According to Microsoft, more clues about the product will indeed appear on the Origami Project site on Thursday.

    Bloggers and gadget Web sites alike have been abuzz recently with speculation about what Origami is, with some speculating that it is a handheld device.

    The New York Times reported Sunday that analysts also have been invited to a briefing about a new technology at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington, on Thursday. But Microsoft said there is no Origami launch scheduled for that day.

    Blogs Gone Wild

    As Microsoft remains mum on the topic, blogs that keep a close eye on the company continue to publish what they say are more details about the project. Origami is a portable media player device with a touchscreen that looks like something between a PDA (personal digital assistant) and a Tablet PC, bloggers said. The Unofficial Microsoft Weblog even posted still photographs on its site it said was from a video of Origami, as did Engadget. The video apparently came from the site of an advertising firm, DigitalKitchen.

    Microsoft today confirmed the legitimacy of the video, and said that it represents "our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios." However, the video clip was not available on the DigitalKitchen site when this story was written Monday. According to its Web site, DigitalKitchen also has produced advertising campaigns for Microsoft's Xbox product.

    The photographs from the DigitalKitchen video show a handheld device that looks like a digital version of a child's Etch-a-Sketch toy. According to Engadget, Origami is a portable media player that also includes a keyboard and a stylus. The presence of those two features was puzzling to the Ryan Block, Engadget's managing editor, who noted in a blog posting that Microsoft's Portable Media Center OS--which already runs a host of portable media player devices from Microsoft's third-party consumer electronics partners--does not currently have support for touchscreen and keyboard input.

    One Microsoft Executive Speaks

    Microsoft executive and blogger Richard Scoble so far has been the only person at Microsoft to acknowledge that Origami is indeed a handheld device. On his blog, Scobleizer wrote that Origami is a "fairly low-cost," portable device developed by a team at Microsoft headed by Otto Berkes, who had previously worked on the Xbox game console. "I do know that Origami is the code name for a new kind of device," he wrote.

    Berkes' team that developed Origami was based in the same building that houses Microsoft's Tablet PC team, Scoble wrote.

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    neat device, stupid name :p
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    yeah....and its supposed to be under 500us apparently...
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    thats quite cheap ...
  5. oh yea... i think i read about this awhile ago... but hey still compare to a psp ;)
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    its not under 500 US...its supposedly 600-1000 but batterylife is supposedly suxors at 2.5-3 hours and thats probably an estimate of not using all the wireless gear with it.
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    trust me..there will be a 500model..n as for a psp..two dif categories...n it will get better with time...
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    I guess it's trash now...