OMG, Your Honour - 是咁的,法官閣下 (2018)

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    English Title:
    OMG, Your Honour

    Chinese Title:



    Andy Chan



    Ben Wong
    Grace Wong
    Oscar Leung
    Louisa Mak
    Eddie Kwan
    Hugo Wong
    Nathan Ngai
    Jonathan Wong

    AN SIU-YUE (Ben Wong) and YOUNG LIK-WANG (Eddie Kwan) are well-known barristers for criminal cases. Even though they have known each other for 30 years, they became enemies since the first day in law school. During their first court case after graduation, SIU-YUE suspects that LIK-WANG has won the case by playing tricks and they hate each other even more. SIU-YUE meets the TV anchor MOK HEI-LOI (Grace Wong) after losing his love. They get married swiftly but they separate after a few months. HEI-LOI meets LIK-WANG by chance and they get along really well. The love triangle has further worsened the relationship between SIU-YUE and LIK-WANG. On the contrary, their pupils have become friends but a lawyer's life is not as good as what they think. Together with their two masters, the six pupils HA SUM-NING (Louisa Mak), CHIU KAM-SHUI (Oscar Leung), TUNG TAN-KIU (Jonathan Wong), TANG TAI-CHI (Jackson Lai), WONG TUNG (Kirby Lam) and PO CHUNG-HIM (King Lam) work hard to uphold law and justice while developing their skills and potentials stumblingly...

    Airing October 29th replacing Another Era 再創世紀

  2. grace is lead here? first ever? get to sing too lol:clap2:


  3. wah damn hot! :kenn: