Old School Music in this Series!

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    Okay i haven't been watching too many recent ancient dramas but the orchestral background music from this series remind me of soo many pre 2000 dramas. They even use one of the songs from Happy Ever After, Nostalgia 100%!!!(Y) Probably the best series i've seen this year so far!
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    Yup I recognise that too, it's always great to hear these classic music.
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    Here's an example: episode 18, 33:40

    There are more, notably shown on the first couple of eps (ep 2 I think). But there you go.
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    i heard alot of old skool music from Demi god and semi devils 1996.... Those used to be my fAv. But unfortunately, ROAE doesnt live up to those 1990s ancient dramas.....