Official YouTube Thread!!!

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  1. -rotfl omg... damn i didn't know that girl was also a singer... ahha.. those costumes was pretty funny..

    one of the most favorite songs performed on that chinese singing show.. -lol
  2. person

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    Sailor Moon is awesome!!!!! lol. I have like 2 posters... well 4 including the 2 small ones of Sailor Moon. I'm just too lazy to take them down. lol. =P But Sailor Moon is awesome.
  3. I didn't know Vivian sang it, but my sister found it and thought I'd share it ;) They all look so stoooooopid!! Hehehe
  4. goo wak jai

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    ^ ha that link was jkz, fat sailor moons dancing on the show.-lol
  5. don

    don ello

    omg ....she just killed that sailor moon song....haha fat sailor moon lol
  6. anyone watch the one i posted up on top of the page... that ish will have you like -shock
  7. OMG!! GOD DAMN!!! that ish is crazy... o_O;
  8. Knoctur_nal

    Knoctur_nal |Force 10 from Navarone|

    now that has gota hurt jigga.
  9. uff snakes on a plane... Snakes in the Muthafukin Water!!!
  10. yarg11

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  11. lol... damn i dunno the concept was supposed to be hilarious... but for some reason.. I just wasn't rofl... I think it was the counter and that you were expecting everything... the crazy lady.. suck for a buck!!?? -lol the ending was pretty tight tho..