Nominees for 2005 RTHK Top 10 Music Awards

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  1. Sunday January 1, 2005 Hong Kong

    Nominees for 2005 RTHK Top 10 Music Awards

    Yesterday, aside from waiting for the New Year to arrive, was also the day RTHK announces its nominees for this years RTHK Top 10 Music Awards. Every year, there has been 10 Outstanding Artists Awards given out and even though this years competition has been extremely close RTHK has decided to keep the list at 10, with that, the list excluded Jacky Cheung and Kelly Chen.

    Top 10 Outstanding Artists
    (I don't know if these are the placements, but its how they are listed in the article)
    Andy Lau
    Jay Chou
    Eason Chan
    Leo Ku
    Hacken Lee
    Miriam Yeung
    Joey Yung
    Denise Ho

    With the addition of Denise Ho and Justin, Jacky Cheung is placed11th and Kelly Chen is placed 12th on the list. While placing 13th - 15th are Stefanie Sun, Janice, and Sandy Lam. Within the Top 20 there are 3 newcomers, aside from Justin and Janice, Ivana Wong is among the Top 20.

    The following are the 5 nominees for each of the 4 big awards to be given out (so nominations are in no order.)

    Favorite Song in Asia
    童話 - Michael Kong
    明日恩典 - Joey Yung
    夕陽無限好 - Eason Chan
    再說一次, 我愛你 - Andy Lau
    吉祥三寶 - 布仁巴雅爾

    Favorite Male Singer in Asia
    Eason Chan
    Hacken Lee
    Jay Chou
    Hin Cheung
    Andy Lau

    Favorite Female Singer in Asia
    Stefanie Sun
    Joey Yung
    Kelly Chen
    Jolin Tsai

    Favorite Group in Asia
    Tat Ming
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    Was 明日恩典 - Joey Yung even that popular, especially given in the entire continent of Asia-context?

    And Justin being placed in the top 10 is very surprising. He's a good singer, but a newcomer at best. I wonder how the placements were decided.