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    Hey Guys! It's Football Season!

    2019 Superbowl prediction:

    shinobishinobi ?

    lahn doelahn doe ?

    ailyericailyeric Patriots over Saints

    Test your football knowledge against the DA universe. Let's Go!

    NFL 2019 COMPETITION shinobishinobi xaznxryuxxaznxryux lahn doelahn doe

    I will post the weekly spread. Each player have to submit "6" picks for the the comment section. No edit on the picks after the game start. Cheater will be disqualified and will get 0-6 for that week. The record will be updated weekly. All players are welcome.

    *Extra Points - Predict the Superbowl Matchup and winner. 5 Points for each correct prediction and 10 Points for the Superbowl winner. Prediction need to be posted before the season begin.

    *Playoffs will include all games and over/under picks

    *Conference championship and superbowl will include all games, over/under and 1st. half / 2nd. half picks

    *This year's competition will go from regular season all the way to the superbowl and have only "one" champion!

    2018 NFL Picks Champion: ailyericailyeric :king:

    2017 NFL Picks Regular Season Champion: ailyericailyeric :king:

    2017 NFL Picks Playoff Champion: lahn doelahn doe :king:
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    My 2019 Superbowl prediction: Patriots over Saints
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    Week 1 lines shinobishinobi lahn doelahn doe

    Thursday, Sept. 5

    Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (-3.5)

    Sunday, Sept. 8

    Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings (-4.5)

    Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (-8)

    Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3.5)

    Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Miami Dolphins

    San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5)

    Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

    Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns (-5)

    Los Angeles Rams (-2.5, 51) at Carolina Panthers

    Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals (PK)

    Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks (-7.5)

    Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers (-3.5)

    New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-7.5)

    Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots (-6)

    Monday, Sept. 9

    Houston Texans at New Orleans Saints (-7.5)

    Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (-2.5)
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    poor eric noone to play football with him lolu
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    Oh well......more time for me to focus on school and hangout with school flowers lol
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