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Discussion in 'School Work Help' started by lancerWRX2003, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. lancerWRX2003

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    Ok, i am on my 2nd year college, and i want to know if there are a surplus of engineer in U.S, cuz i dont want to be jobless after i graduated.

    The second question : should i become electrical, mechanical, or civil engineer?

    I talked to my advisor, but still cannot decide which direction to choose, please guys, help me out, thx
  2. kdotc

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    mcdonalds always welcomes u hahaahahahaha

    yo if tlking to advisors and still dunno wat to decide how will us internet ppl help u lol....dont just go into a career because of a job...go for the one u're intersted in....since they're 3 different careers
  3. lancerWRX2003

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    cuz online ppl know more things
  4. dragong87

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    choose the one u'll like because u'r going to be working in that industry for a long time..
    its ur choice to make :p
  5. lancerWRX2003

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    alright, thanks guy
  6. Wukung

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    mechanical is the best, you have the most job opportunities
  7. skywalka

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    the thing about job oppurtunities, "deficit/surplus of engineer"
    these things change over time.
    if theres a surplus now, by the time you graduate, the economy could change, world could go at war.

    just liek how everyone thought there would be jobs in IT...

    but your already choose engineering, i geuss it becuase of money/jobs
    rather than interest/love?
    i find it hard to have a love for engineering =/

    its not too late to change, go be an artist =D
  8. AWhite

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    choose something that you love doing because you are going to do it for the rest of your life

    if the above mentioned is non of which you love, choose entirely a different major. It's about what you want in life, not so much about 'im-worry-that-i-will-be-jobless-when-i-grad" because with that thinking, you may end up with a job (not career) but hate doing it....
  9. sars4tw

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    Engineering for the win!! I'm an engineering student myself. My first year in college...wasted a year because all my friends were heading into business and I followed (because I had no direction). My grades drop, due to my lack of interest in the courses.
    Now should I become electrical, mechanical, or civil engineer? Civil engineering is the easiest to graduate and they are the majority. Mechanical would be ranking 2nd of the majority. Electrical engineering are always in demand BUT are you good with circuits and such? And they do tend to have a huge drop-out rate, not to scare you or anything. Electrical has insanely ridiculous of math. Regardless of all that BS, it all boils down to interest like everyone said. I found my interest a bit late but not too late and now I'm in Computer/Electrical Engineering Department.
  10. adrianc

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    ewww. just find a job that pays alot but have nothing to do -whistle
  11. layz

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    just try all of them out u have alot of time left but i think u should do electrical engineer there starting to get pay alot
  12. reno

    reno Well-Known Member

    depends wat u want in life

    personally i'd say, pick something that u actually have an interest in
    if u don't like engineering at all, don't bother with it...

    keep in mind an engineering degree takes longer to achieve and relatively speaking, its more work compared to many other degrees

    and do u even knowt he difference bteween ur elec, mech or civil engineering
    they are pretty different!

    it's not like u can just randomly pick any engineering degree cos u think theres a job for it
    just because u ahve the degree for it,d oesnt' mean u'll get it if ur not gonna show any passion or skills for it

    TRUEXDREAMS Well-Known Member

    I remember Engineering being a pretty popular job like 2 years ago. I am not sure about its state now.
  14. Phil

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    lol do Business , Eco or accounting or something, lol those are the Win majors, lol coz everyone needs to hire them , and they use the same rules all across the world