Nearing the end of this series

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    For the past year or so, TVB has done the best with the BSS series as well as WELCOME to the House. I really enjoyed them. They kept me going !

    It's sad to see this series coming to an end.

    I have some questions.

    A) What will TVB do?

    B) What are some of your favorite episodes?

    C) Who did you like, disliked?

    D) Who do you think would be a good fit?

    E) Final thoughts?

    I love this series and want to thank those sharing.

    I really like BOW GORK YUN and GEEN JEA. LOL Bow gork yun went from 'gau jurn' back in the 1st show, to a hero. I am starting to like his acting a lot more !
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    PLEASE tell me that Icy will be back for tomorrow's finale. (on wiki, it says Icy is Gary's good friend AND girlfriend.)
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    The thing I did not like with the series was how some people left the show out of nowhere when you finally got use to them being there.

    of course the death of the father doesn't count. but the other major characters.
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