Natalie-Sam-Power in TBBOL

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    Natalie and Sam Chan will play a young couple who love each other and share similar interest. But bcoz of some misunderstandings and objections,they broke up.It seems Power then lured Nat into a relationship with him so that he can gain trust from Nat's dad. Sounds like Power is playing a bad guy again(rmb Bar Benders?) Soon,Nat realised she still loves Sam, and she is trapped in a love triangle.

    What do u think?I personally feel Sam suits NAt more - i mean age and all....
  2. KaY_xD

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    obviously!! chan kwok bon's english = power? wah..
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    Spoiler for episode 14!!

    Natalie and Sam argue and Natalie turns to Power for advice/comfort. Power confesses his "feelings" for her and they sleep together.. from what I understand.. Natalie will be pregnant and marry Power whose feelings for her are not genuine..

    Poor Natalie..
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    PREGNANT? that's dumb!
  5. KaY_xD

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    omg...................pregnant...............................................that would be his 1st time playing a pregnant girl then.
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    power chan is a mad funny name!!! Brian is a biznotch!!! Natalie and Sam look cute together :D
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    yea.... power's role here is very reminiscent of his role in bar bender. i'll admit he's a pretty good actor but i just dont like any of the characters he plays in any role. it's either a role like this where he looks to be the smart, nice, good guy but in reality he's pretty bad and always scheming... or he plays what i would call the obnoxious friend (ie marriage of inconvenience). seriously, none of those characters are likeable nor very watchable either.. at least to me.
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    Brian is Power Chan? Wow, we will be seeing him three drama series - Marriage Of Inconvenience, Survivor's law 2 and The Building Blocks of Life.

    He is a pretty good actor though....