Nancy Wu and Rucco Chan

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    Just wondering why their roles are so pulled down in this series? I mean, Rucco was the male lead in "The Truth" a couple months ago and Nancy is a great actress, she should be easily 2nd line actress now. Now they are behind Aimee Chan and Edwin Siu in terms of roles?

    Yes I agree there are bigger names in this series in Wayne Lai and Maggie Cheung, but are they suppose to be some sort of Cameo/guest appearance?
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    me like nancy char better than aimee..nancy has more scenes...wonder what will happen when she split with wayne...will they cut her off? lol

    not sure how rucco fits with the group.
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    It's a 30 episode series so we'll see more of them later, but I don't think Nancy will be around for too long. Divorce or killed off. Rucco will be battling Wayne to win Maggie's love at some point...
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    lol maybe nancy split then come back as the wife with the grudge lol it seems most shows do this ish :facepalm:
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    some shows they get more parts, some shows they get less, thats just how it works.

    If they receive good feedback then they will get more scenes in the future.
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    like Kate right?-emb
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    The truth is I hadn't really known who nancy Wu was as I have been neglecting TVB due to bordom, however, I really noticed her in this series, I sorta recognise her but don't?!? - if that makes sense! She is a really good actress, her acting is ace and believeable and I think one of the best actors/tress in this series. Granted, like the original poster stated, she should be in a higher position, but compared to Aimee Chan's character, Nancy's character requires alot more acting and is sooooo much more interesting. So hopefully, this will open new doors for her! Also on another note, been watching the royal Harem lately, and the 1st character that actually made me interested in the series was Nancy's character! - so again, not a main role, but a role that will ger her noticed!
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    ^second that! She's great in both FH3 and COTRH. Liked her since Twin of Brothers...a long time ago. She had improved a lot since then. TVB should really start giving her bigger roles. But she knows how to make most of her supporting roles anyway. As for Ruco, I think this was filmed and cast before he got so popular with "The Other Truth", so hence the limited screen time.
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    Thank god ruco left......which is a good thing... This drama aint pulling it off for me in terms of the romance part anymore. But ill continue to watch it for the cases.....

    I kno nancy will be back sooner or later because i've seen her with short hair...somewhere....