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Discussion in 'Movies Discussion' started by shinobi, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. swifty

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    I've seen this movie a few weeks ago. It's pretty good. The girl is pretty good at acting. The guy is usually do. I like the story. Ending is... well, don't want to give it away.
  2. Syreeta

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    ehmm, i think it's a bad movie.. there's no story line..
  3. goo wak jai

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    I didn't relli like it, i found it boring.
  4. Nirvania

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    it was ok, the girl's accent was very annoying
  5. azertyuiop

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    i don't really understand the ending of this film
    anyone can explain for me ?
  6. fruity dofu

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    never watch this before, so i can't really say anything about it. The poster in the bottom right look like "mr and mrs smith" heh.
  7. ccsuser

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    This movie consider not good to me. Not worth for downloading to me oso. :p
  8. Hintsay

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    I agree it's a boring movie , and at the end it gets even worse , what a bad ending
  9. Asianiza

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    The movie is quite Lau Ching Wan...but i dont like the ending....
  10. Veincentury

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    The movie was damn good. Spoiler(read after seeing the movie)

    I liked the movie because the acting was good and plus there was a storyline. The storyline talks about what it means to Fei as an actor. Look at the last scene before the credits come on ,where the main character is speaking. He says that if he knows he did his best when it comes to acting in a movie; he doesn't care about what others say; as long as he did his best, he is satisfied. Now look at the beginning of the movie where Fei's friends and people he know are asked to talk about him. They say so and so and that some expected him to succeed while others don't even know who he is. From the beginning scene of the movie, we are able to see that he did indeed win the reward at the end and he did become famous.

    Now that's been addressed. The girl, Faye in the movie's voice is dubbed so I don't know what you're talking about. She is indeed very pretty. The movie could've had an ending where we know what would happen to Fei and Faye, but overall it's very good. I like how the way the switched the ending with the beginning as to allow more attentive viewers to really enjoy this movie. ;)
  11. ^ good review :D

    i thought the flim was suprisely good ...going into the film i thought it was a comedy cause the cover was a bit of a parody <_< turned out to be an inspiring film...and telling us not to give up on our dreams!
  12. Spoilers!

    Okay, just finished watching it. WATCH OUT! This review has spoilers!

    I think it's definitely a good movie. I don't understand what you mean by not having a storyline. I think the plot was pretty defined. An actor becomes an outcast when he didn't want to beg to become famous, but by teaching a newbie, finally realizes that this was the only occupation and dream for him.

    I really like the style of the actors in this film. It was like a cry to the audience that actors should be respected. There were some people part of the entertainment field who are morons, but it was also a place where dreams exist. Not all actors are holier-than-thou and they can be really earnest, like Faye, who, through her story, tells us that she can take off her clothes for the sake of being professional.

    About Faye's "annoying accent": In the Cantonese version, there was an accent to show that she was not from Hong Kong, but from Mainland China. I thought that was pretty obvious. It's not particularly annoying; plus it was a neccessity that added realism to the movie.

    And I really like the ending, especially the fact that Fei wasn't even nominated for the best leading actor award, which made things more realistic. He did, however, get the award for best supporting actor, which made those of us who cheered for him happy.

    All in all, pretty satisfied with this movie. Yay!
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  13. incoquito

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    I really liked it for some of the same reasons already listed. A lot of times when movies use the "movie within a movie" plot, it can get really bad really quickly but this film was well paced and was consistent.

    While it took me a minute to figure out the ending, I think it was a fitting way to end the film. However, I was kind of hoping for a little sum up/conclusion after the credits just as an official ending to the movie. I haven't yet bought the DVD (watched it at a friend's house) but it would be cool if there's a blooper reel.
  14. dot

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    i liked the plot/move overall.. but the girl's voice (dubbed or not) WAS annoying, lol.
  15. ezai

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    I watched this movie only because of "Ching Wan Lau" , I think he is very talented . Although the movei was not the greatest the actors in the movie were very good including "Fruit Chan".
  16. cg4c

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    Warning this may reveal some of the plot:

    Anyway, I didn't like how she became famous after being in a movie that required a lot of nudity and "other stuff." At first I thought she was going to be tricked and was worried that she was going to go to Japan alone. It was weird how suddenly she comes back and she's pretty popular, it's kind of iono, too fast.

    To explain the ending (this is my opinion so anyone can disagree): they ended without telling if he won the award or not to let ppl know that winning isn't everything. It just matters how you've done personally, if you've done the best yourself and that you've gave it your all. In the movie he was only focused on being number 1 but then because of the girl, he starts to change his attitude about acting. He learns that it doesn't matter what kind of role he had, he just needs to give it his all and that's real talent, to be able to shine even in minor roles. This is why I think they left the ending like that. Personally I want to know if he won, but I can understand by not letting us know, it leaves a good message for us to live by.
  17. szetor

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    i thought this was a pretty good movie... also i have a hard time to decide whether he won or not...
  18. korx

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    Unfortunately I got the incomplete version. Did he win? What happened? I don't feel like dling it again.
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    Acting was good, but ending was a touch forced. Something definitely different than what's come out of HK recently.